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What do we understand by character?

What do we understand by character?

The character of a person is composed of a set of features or expressions that manifest in their general way of acting. He speaks to what individualizes him, so it can be said that they are those components that express in a particular and distinctive way his way of being and behaving.

How the character is formed

Character actually means brand (engraving), which suggests a deep and fixed, perhaps innate, basic structure. But character is really not something rigid that is brought at birth, but It is deeply affected by the environment, culture and social environment where each person is trained.

Thus, character is a component that is strongly influenced by everything around us such as education, social and family environment, friendships, co-workers, etc. Some authors say that the character does not finish forming until the end of adolescence. For me it is something that is modified throughout life, to a greater or lesser extent, according to the efforts of each one.

It is important to clarify that It is not the same character as temperament, the latter is based on the biological aspects of the character and is linked to the physiology of each one, with genetic factors that significantly influence the social behaviors of individuals (whether male or female, tall or short, thick or thin ...) . Character, on the other hand, is the set of merely psychological aspects, which are molded with education and habits, and allow an individual reaction to experiences. We must also point out, however, that character is intimately linked to temperament and that it acts as a consequence of it in most people.

What components create our character

Three basic components are necessary for character creation:

  • The emotional: which is the emotional reaction of the individual to events.
  • Activity: inclination of the person to respond to a certain stimulus.
  • Resonance: response that someone issues in the event of an event.

Worrying about everything is not part of the character

Each of us can describe ourselves in many different ways, actually character is something that takes multiple forms and, in part, is quite subjective. Thus, there are people who define themselves as suffering. They consider concern as an internal feature of their character. And not only do they torment themselves with this irrational and exaggerated idea, but they also tend to displace this fear to the people around them. They ask, or even demand, to receive constant news to achieve their own peace of mind and, without realizing it, can make others feel responsible for their suffering.

On a social level, worrying about the welfare of others is considered a sign of interest and dedication to others. Possibly for this reason those who identify with this quality proclaim it even with pride: "I am like that, I can't help it."

In part, this statement is correct. When trying to eliminate a worry from the mind, the opposite result is often obtained: it intensifies. Trying to stop thinking about what one is concerned about, that is, the problems that you think these thoughts produce, striving not to think, is an extremely difficult task, the more we strive for it, the more present our ruminations are and before a multitude of painful thoughts will appear.

Trying to suppress the ideas that generate anguish, therefore, is not a true solution. That is why in the end the person believes that the restlessness is something irremediable and superior to her, which is her character. But no, it is not like that. The good news is that this impression is not true, we can all do something to change.