Body and energy therapies, types and functions

Body and energy therapies, types and functions

Body and energy therapies are those therapies that are based on apply energy to the body with the aim of recovering physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harmony. As you can see in this article, there are different therapies of this type.

What are energy therapies?

Energy therapies are those therapies that consider energy to be a fundamental part of a person's good health and general well-being. Of course, not all therapies that exist have this approach, and That is why we differentiate energy therapies from others.

As you can imagine, the goal of energy therapies is to properly channel the body's energy, in such a way that physical and mental well-being and balance can be obtained in the patient.

For its characteristics, there is a good amount of therapies concrete that can be included in energy therapies. Everything that tries to improve the mental, physical or emotional health of a person from the channeling of energy is an energy therapy.

Some of them are well known, but others do not enjoy such popularity. Let's take a look at the most important ones in the next section.

What are the different energy therapies that exist?

It's time we see the main energy therapies that we can take advantage of to feel much better on a physical level, but also on a mental and spiritual level.


As sure you know, the acupuncture It is an ancient therapy that has its origin in China and uses steel needles to work body energy. Therefore, it should be considered an energy therapy.


Aikido is a martial art that is based on use the energy that the opponent has used to respond. That is, you use the energy that the person who attacks you uses to attack him.


Articotherapy is based on stimulate different reflex points of the ear to help the body regain balance and both mental and spiritual and physical health. Naturally, it is another energy therapy.

Medical biomagnetism

Medical biomagnetism is responsible for manage different diseases and ailments through an energy and vibrational vision. It focuses more on physical ailments than mental and emotional.


Bioresonance is based on the use of biophysics and quantum theory to keep the organism in balance. Different techniques are carried out, generally administering waves that regulate the organism.


The meditation consists in activate the chakras of the human body so that the energy circulates properly and, in this way, heal mental and emotional problems. It does not focus on solving physical problems.

Chi kung

Chi Kung is an energy therapy of Chinese origin, which can be practiced at any age, and that consists of use of different respiratory, physical and mental exercises to strengthen the body.


The gem therapy is based on the use of gems to improve a person's health. Gems have unique characteristics depending on the type of gem, and allow a substantial improvement by rearranging vital energies.


The chromotherapy it's based on develop performance patterns that are consistent with the chromatic patterns of sunlight. Then, we must apply these patterns to our day to day, treating physical, psychological and energetic alterations.


Digitopuncture is a therapy that use the pressure made with the fingers to contribute to a correct physical recovery. Sometimes massages are also performed. These massages or pressures are carried out at specific points, called acupoints or tsubos.


Electroacupuncture is a type of acupuncture, where, in addition to the use of needles, a additional electric current, which allows to treat pain and paralysis, in addition to certain energy imbalances.

Feng shui

The Feng shui It is one of the best known energy therapies, and comprises a whole collection of art, science and philosophy that allows us to obtain a better balance in our lives, considerably increasing spiritual harmony, health and general well-being.


Magnetic therapy uses magnetic fields directly applied to the organism. In this way, alterations in the energies of the body are provoked, which allows its rearrangement and the consequent physical and mental improvement.


With Japanese origin, the Reiki rearrange body energy by using hand overlay.

As you can see, the body and energy therapies They are a fantastic way to recover peace both spiritually and physically. Of course, there are those who question its effectiveness. But it is best to try it for yourself. That is why we recommend practicing them sometime in your life.