Competitiveness in the human being

Competitiveness in the human being

“In every competition some have to lose for others to win. Often our interior also loses when trying to compete misses the skills that cooperation offers us. ”

The sense of competition in our day is present in most of the people who form our society. People want to succeed and compete at all costs to achieve it. It is the feeling of the strongest, the best, that always makes its way by winning. But this fight is not always clean, all things being equal, often this sense of competitiveness so entrenched in the human being leads him to unorthodox extremes To get the precious good, success.

It is a negative personality trait although sometimes it can give us good results its use. On the one hand, competitiveness encourages us to work harder, but on the other hand, it misses skills and creates an attitude of non-cooperation towards the environment.

Children learn to compete since childhood, between brothers for mom's affection, with others in the park to use the swing longer and at school to see who is the best.

That quest for fame seems to be a matter of competence, so our children face each other at school to gain the status of leader, indispensable in order to acquire power. The leader is the one who stands out from the average due to some condition that makes him stand out. Many children are natural leaders, by this I mean that it is as if they were unwittingly, as if they were written in their genes. Natural leaders have a lot to do with the strong and attractive personality of the child. The other leaders can become so if the skills they possess are well seen in the rest of the group.

Many times it is the teachers who enhance the exit of these leaders by encouraging actions in which children must compete. Another of the actions in education that also shows the sense of competitiveness are grades or grades. Since childhood we have valued our learning through exams whose result could be seen in a grade that could range from 0 to 10 or what would be the same from the Insufficient to Excellent. This facilitates comparison among students and favors greater competitiveness among them. Whatever, the status of leader is much appreciated among the groups and if there are no innate and / or natural abilities that attribute it, it must be gained through strong competition in all acts performed. Being the best is not an easy task.

If we didn't have enough with the school experience, rest assured because again we are granted time to compete. When we get older we also have to compete to continue in our jobs, to access the labor market or to stand out among our friends.

Our whole life is governed by competition and it seems that knowing how to compete is a point in our favor, as if it were a positive personality trait, when in reality it is the way in which our existence has been assembled that has created the competitiveness

Even in unnecessary situations, we use it as if feeling winners will boost our self-esteem or the concept we have of ourselves.

Let's play, we compete for the art of doing it, for the internal feeling that derives when we win, but let's be aware that Just as we win today, we can lose tomorrow and that is something to learn to tolerate.

The competition has been imposed on us by society, Let's not make it a constant challenge in our lives. From time to time we will have to learn to reject a negative and unnecessary competitiveness; remember that we have the power of choice.