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Fibromyalgia: the emotional profile of people predisposed to suffer it

Fibromyalgia: the emotional profile of people predisposed to suffer it


  • 1 What is fibromyalgia?
  • 2 Emotional causes of the affected
  • 3 Emotional profile
  • 4 Awareness

What is fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome characterized by: musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, morning stiffness, sensory disturbances, memory problems, sleep disturbances and mood changes. It is believed to affect approximately 2% to 4% of the world's population. It is mostly feminine, since about 95% of those affected are women. The average age at which symptoms begin to manifest is between 30 and 50 years.

People suffering from fibromyalgia, in addition they suffer because they feel that nobody believes them, given that some type of injury, damage or muscular or bone impairment is not detected externally. Those affected endure the pain and strive to continue with their activities, because: you have to work, take care of the children, clean ... etc. Fortunately, fibromyalgia does not represent a risk to the life of the individual and does not cause muscle or joint damage; although it greatly decimates the quality of life.

From the medical point of view, the cause of this alteration is unknown, but it is thought that there are quite a few factors involved. In the emotional aspect, people suffering from this syndrome suffer a general devaluation conflict.

Emotional causes of the affected

Individuals suffering from fibromyalgia, at a certain moment of their existence, take a path that does not satisfy them. Likewise, they may have suffered a conflict of deep separation or imposed contact, that is, they are forced to attend to someone or assume an unwanted situation.

Fatigue also indicates a conflict of existence, refugee or feeling alone. This means that the affected person feels that his life is in danger, is perceived abandoned or abandoned, can also be a refugee or emigrant; in which case, he feels that he has lost his history, his territory, his family or social referent.

Likewise, they are excessively responsible people with family obligations, too helpful, they live their lives through others. The above is evidenced in a symptom, morning stiffness.

Emotional profile

As the name says, fibromyalgia is the suffering of fibers, family grips. In other words, it is a being who is in a place, but is linked in some way, even, with his family. It is as if there is a rope that will tense it and tie it to a family reference, which can be: the father, the mother, a brother, etc., and every time the person pulls to release, it hurts. Similar to the torture of dismemberment, where they tied the limbs of the person and some horses threw on each side until the limbs were torn off. Well, that cruel can be the fibrous pain of a person who has fibromyalgia.

They are people who are usually blocked in family stories with a "I have to submit to the situation." His typical phrases will say: "If I do not do it, nobody does it; I am the only one who knows how to do it; I am the one who has the responsibility; I have to ...; if I am not the one who throws the threads ...; I am totally impotent; I have to suffer from this situation. "

In the previous expressions the double obligation can be observed, that is, the person feels that he is going towards the person he wants, but in the same way, this is his executioner. In his expressions, there is the typical phrase: "but I cannot do anything else, because he is the person I want ... so I am obliged to go to her".

Such is the case of a woman who has a parental relationship with her daughter, in other words, her daughter plays the role of mother with her. The woman wants to have another child, but her daughter gets angry and "forbids it." The woman loves her daughter, although she also wants to be a mother again. She feels obliged to do her daughter's will, but her maternal instinct also forces her to get pregnant. She suffers a double obligation. Another example, a girl took refuge in her grandfather before the lack of love of her parents, every time she was with the grandfather she felt loved, recognized, the man played with her and had a lot of fun, but, suddenly, he became her Executioner, threw her to the ground and raped her. The girl loved the grandfather, however, she could not be near him, because he became her punisher. Likewise, we have the case of many women today, those who work and want economic independence from their husbands. They want to develop professionally and / or get their own money, however, to achieve this, they leave their children in a daycare center, with a maid or with a relative. Some of these women feel that they abandon their son, but if they remain at home taking care of him, they abandon their professional aspirations. The above women feel a double obligation. Your child or your job becomes your executioner.

In the previous examples we observe that there are two contradictory information that generate frustration and impotence and the tension is suffered by the fibers. There is one part that is satisfied and the other not. The one affected by fibromyalgia wants to compensate for both situations at the same time, and in most cases, it is not possible. This generates a high level of stress. The unconscious resolves this conflict by responding with fatigue or fatigue. The biological meaning of this is, "don't move in any direction"; because the person feels that if he goes in one direction he loses something and if he goes in the other, too.


The one affected by fibromyalgia needs to be aware that their emotional problem is resolved by taking each situation, one at a time, not both at the same time. The first thing is to learn to live the present moment, every moment, learn to enjoy what you are living. In the event that the problematic situation is in the priorities, then establish that order. For example, if a woman has a baby and feels that she is leaving when she goes to work, the priority is the child, by nature; in which case, the mother can make arrangements to temporarily retire from work, work at home, take advantage of updating, conduct an online study, etc., everything will depend on the type of person and personal situation. When there is the event of family attachments that stop or block the individual, it is necessary to begin to reduce family ties, acquiring personal awareness, looking for a method or therapy that helps.

In any situation, the one affected by fibromyalgia requires staying in the present moment, learning to enjoy and healing the faults. Also, understand that the emotional problem that lives, requires releasing the emotions that block it, accept its limitations and in certain cases, surrender to situations. Surrendering does not mean giving up, but letting go, relaxing, not taking life so seriously, you don't have to meet 200% with everything you do, allow yourself a margin of error, understand your human nature and your own weakness. Your assessment does not depend on how well you do things, but on how valuable you feel.

The key to healing is to do everything with full awareness and not at the same time. It requires acts of pleasure and start decreasing family ties; Family fibers are obligations charged with too much responsibility.

This article is supported by writings of Dr. Salomón Sellan. Doctor of Medicine (1983) and diploma in Psychosomatic Medicine and Relaxation Therapy (1995).